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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eye on the Sith

Today's number, if you are still keeping track, is 19250. I'll be stopping the countdown shortly unless I get some guesses. I really don't care.

In Episode II of Star Wars, the Emperor received emergency powers to deal with the Threat posed by Count Dooku and the separatists. He declared war, built an army that had actually started 10 years earlier, and began to tear down the constitution of the Republic. There were spies, secret deals, censorship, and more. It resulted, as you may remember, in a civil war. The war, of course, was ultimately won by the rebels, the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

I'm not one to buy every cock and bull story that comes down the pipe. I check 'em out, and most of the time these rumors are false, just plain bullsh*t.

Today, I got wind of a bill supposedly before the Senate -- S. 773. According to what I was reading, it would give the President the power to shut down the internet, or severely limit its scope in an emergency. I had my doubts, and did the research. What I found was a 55 page bill. (Small, as compared to the Obamacare bill, which is 1000 pages long).
I began to read. And what I found is frightening.

The President would be given the power to declare a cyber-emergency. He would be able to shut down, or severely limit the scope of the net. It gives a handful of people a huge say in security, and what would have to be done to protect the citizens of the US.

What frightens me is that there are no defining terms as to what would constitute a "Cyber-emergency." He could shut it down during the next election, claiming a national emergency. It would effectively impair our ability to make payments on the web, find information, determine what is going on in the world.

What frightens me is that there are no "Checks" on the power as the bill is written. The President would control from when he declared the emergency to when he decides it ends. There seems to be no power delegated to congress, except to hear the story every four years as to what should be done, and enact appropriate legislation.

What frightens me is the obvious censorship, silencing of conservative blogs, the NRA, Rush, and anti-queer groups, not to mention the hundreds of other conservative causes such as the National Tax Payers Union, AARP, and such groups that support the right to life.

I URGE each and every one of you to check out S. 773 on the web (While you still have a chance) and decide if you want to give up your computer, or your right to information that should be freely available.

Obama, and the Communist parties of this country -- the anti-Christian wings of the left, the baby killers...-- they're out to take away the right to speak your mind. You jackasses have been accusing the GOP of wanting to do the same. No matter WHO is doing it, it's STILL WRONG.

SPEAK UP. Write to your Senators. Tell them to VOTE DOWN S. 773, the so-called "Cyber-security act of 2009," or to amend it so our rights to free speech is protected. Tell them to DEFINE a cyber-emergency, specify a period of time that one can be in effect, and install checks and balances on the power being given.

It's YOUR internet. Not the Government's! And it's worrisome that they are trying to take it away... AS I SEE IT.

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