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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where have you gone, Mrs. Malaprop?

Today is 46250. Unless you prefer to call it 411251. Or you could go negative -319249.

Everyone loves a pun -- well, almost everyone. A good groan is sometimes the best you'll get. One I used to be told: "to hue is ermine."
A semi-logical/ French/English Pun is based on the word for Apple, in French. An Apple is Une Pomme. Bad apple: Bum Pomme?
The person got a tough steak -- did the butcher give him a bum steer?

Archie Bunker was one who had the art of Malaprop down to a "T." One might say his command of the language is "Legionary." (Apologies to the author of the "WIT AND WISDOM OF ARCHIE BUNKER")

A good one I ran across today was on CNN website. The article referenced the recent debacle of the Photo Op of the plane which is commonly called "Air Force One." When the President is not on board, it has a different call sign. You don't need to rack your brain to remember the fly-over of New York. The fly-over caused a great deal of Panic.

Recently made public Email between members of the military/administration/photo op department made reference to the incident...and how best to handle it. One of the Emails sent from the Pentagon apparently read as such:

"I agree we... Need to accomplish damage control, but we aren't the POC [point of contact]," the response reads. "Nor do I want to become a belly button for NORAD to push on this one."

BELLY BUTTON? Do they mean Panic Button? The only thing I ever get from pushing a belly button is a giggle, or a finger-full of belly-button lint.

Whether or not this was intended, it is a groaner.

What happens when "The cat died"? Oops, I mean rabbit. Excuse me, that's a bunny joke. My brain is getting cold since I lost my hare. :)

The police have a new plan to run down jaywalkers...

Yeah, yeah. Goofy words, goofy similes. They make for a goofy time... AS I SEE IT.

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