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Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's August 1st. And you know what THAT means!

Not including today, of course, my number is 47250.

NOW, it's August 1st, 2009. And you know what THAT means, don't you? That's right! It's time for EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE, THE CANARY AWARDS!

I also have KUDOS awards, but so many it's tough to mention three without missing someone.

So, let me try to run down a bunch... And if I miss someone, I apologize. I seldom have so many I need to mention.

The Kudos this last month go to:

Mark M., attorney: for encouragement, assistance, and a good swift kick, when needed.

Darlene W., for encouragement, assistance, and just being there. When God created sisters, He must have had her in mind.

Joyce R. For giving me things to talk about, and for the ability to go forward despite the odds.

The gang of RPers at Twitter, Including players like _SevenOfNine, Sharatheorion , Tuvok_, and Jean_Pierce, for putting up with my nuttiness.

Other people at Twitter such as ChicagoBungalow make my day.

NOW, for the Canary awards. Lots of nominees, but easy when you look at it. It's so simple. It's just the people or organizations that you want to give "THE BIRD.

The Bronze Canary, this month, goes to the Local Vet Clinic. One vet claimed one of our dogs wouldn't last a year. 2 years later, she's going strong. One vet claimed there was nothing wrong with the horses, but we've discovered they had worms. The vet, incompetent, cost us 2 horse lives, and more than 800 in court costs because of the lies of the clinic. No more!

The Silver Canary (With an additional visit from the FTC) goes to Financial Consultants Company, INC. One threatening letter after another has earned them a visit from the FTC. I HOPE they appreciate it.

Finally, the GOLD CANARY-- The company that I most want to give the BIRD... Goes to J.C. Christensen and Vultures of MN. These guys have earned a visit from the FTC, too. But when these guys don't LISTEN, it's not only annoying but down right pathetic. But what do you expect from these boobs? You can't expect compassion from vultures.

That rounds off my awards for July. My August awards my be a little late. We shall see.

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