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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And your Pasword is?

Todays number is 44250. Or 409251. Or, if you really feel daring you can say -775248. But time machines don't exist, unless you count watches. So it should be a positive number, folks. But if you DO have a time machine, get it on the market, ok? Nothing better than a fountain of youth. Plastic Surgery is just a disguise!

Security on the net, or ANYWHERE, for that matter, has to be an issue at all times. You've got your ID number (SS # for American Citizens) Driver's License, Phone number, Credit card number, Person PIN for your card, PW for your blog, PW for Twitter, PW for getting on the internet, PW for getting your Email from Google, Yahoo, or Juno...or whatever other service you may use.

Some people use words they can remember, using the same PW everywhere. While it's perfectly acceptable, it's perfectly dangerous. Would you use the term "BigIdiot" on all you money accounts?

Lots of places now require security questions -- but most of that info can be easily found. Your mother's maiden name is easily obtainable, so is your father's middle name. It doesn't take much for a clever hacker to figure out what you've got!

Some people use phrases. They substitute numbers for common words.
Let's say you have a phrase "buyalemon." You make it "buy1lemon."
Easy to figure out, dangerous to use on all accounts.

As an erstwhile sysop, I saw the combination "Qwerty" show up on PWs for than you'd imagine. Any hacker would try that combo quickly, and rid you of your finances.

Sure, ID theft is a problem. But when you make it easy to solve your PW, you are part of that problem!

It's stated you should use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters such as "!", "%", "()" or the like. The longer the PW is, the more random it is, the better. But a lot of places won't allow special characters.

MIX IT UP. Take a common word, but change it somehow. A person might add a 4 digit number in the middle. Don't make it your address, though. That's a bad move.

Use your head. Don't use ss#, address, or phone. Don't use B-days, or the like. There are not an infinite number of cominations, but the longer they are, and the more complex they are, the better.

Security begins at home. Don't fill out spam forms. Don't give out pins. Don't give out hints. Keep your info encrypted. Keep it safe.

It's your Identity at stake. Your Finances. Possibly your life.
Frustrating, can make yourself safer. Not "Safe." That's impossible. Safer.

It would be smart of you to use this information. But that's your choice, too... AS I SEE IT.

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