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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What goes on, and HOW?

Todays number is 43250. Haven't you guessed YET? I'm waiting for answers, conclusions, even wild guesses. Nobody seems to give a flying pig, so I keep giving a daily number.

Folks, you may recall that two American women, journalists, were tossed into a North Korean Prison, sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. For something as simple as crossing the border, that seems extreme. The gals weren't convicted of espionage, nor drug possession. But you know North Korea...

Obama was able to do nothing. Hillary didn't do anything. Amenesty International squeeked, but that was about it. And so, two mothers wind up in a North Korean prison.

Private citizen, and ex-president Bill Clinton, (AKA Seymour Johnson) flies to North Korea to talk with their "Dear Leader." And he comes home, with 2 women in tow. I wonder how they thank the man. Hmm, Maybe I would prefer NOT knowning. Job well done. But I can't help wondering what was promised.

You can't deal with North Korea. The President of North Korea isn't sane, so far as I can tell. Remember, N.K. is part of the "Axis of Evil" so often spoken about by President Bush. Yet their President pardoned the two women for their (alleged and vastly exaggerated) crimes.

This leads to the question: WHY? What was Kim Jong-Il promised? A lifting of sanctions? Money? Technology? Perhaps a release of a North Korean or three held in a prison around here? Some sort of appeasement? I don't know yet, but I'm sure we'll find out when North Korea attacks Hawaii, or Alaska. Or maybe they'll invade South Korea.

If Clinton didn't have Govt. clearance to go to North Korea, how did he manage to go? Isn't it illegal? Aren't they classified a renegade nation, a nation on the DO NOT FLY TO list?

Well, I could be wrong about them being on the "No Fly" list. That information I currently do not have.

But no private citizen is going to be able to go over, talk to their "Dear Leader," and come home with two prisoners in tow. It doesn't make sense.

While I am grateful that the two women are now home, I think this requires an investigation of the most thorough kind. The question is "What did Obama know, and when did he know it?"

Until we know for sure what "wheeling and dealing" went on, until we know what kind of "carrot" was offered -- we are looking at possible wrong-doing. We need this stuff in the open, NOW.

A possible "gate" is now already open in the Obama Adminstration. But defining this "gate" is still an enormous variable.

Maybe there was no wrong doing. Maybe Kim Jong-Il was drunk, or something. But we need to know now. Or we may regret it later.

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