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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Living by the Missourians creed

I was bron and raised in MN. Almost 50 years here, now...and getting ready to move on to warmer climates. But one thing that hasn't changed: The creed by which I live. The Missourians creed. I'M FROM MISSOURI. YOU'VE GOT TO SHOW ME.

In all the scanning I do of the web, I am constantly finding what I believe to be money scams. Project Payday. Helium. Snapdollars. Many, many others that I can name...and each one of them is a scam. HELIUM simply refuses to pay out like they're supposed to -- crooked, I'm inclined to believe. Snap Dollars, which I have found has sent counterfeit checks. I can also point to the hundreds of thousands of variants of Nigerian scams, Lottery Scams, and folks claiming to be with the FBI (Including one nice little letter signed by "Fox Mulder.") Grants, scams, porn and the like. I'm tired of it.

The money-maker scams are the worst -- and in a way, they include the Nigerian Scams. They promise something, but do not deliver.

Some of these "Money-makers" look like legitimate loonies. Some may actually be REAL. But I have yet to find ONE "Legitimate" business that will PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS.

They want your name, credit card number, bank account number, PIN, SS#, plus a cash investment to boot.

I CHALLENGE EACH ONE OF THESE "MONEY MAKER" sites...EACH ONE. LET ME TEST IT. Prove to me that it works -- without obligation.
I don't mean a money-back warranty which is as full of holes as swiss cheese. If your system is as "GREAT" as you say, SHOW ME! Let me earn 3X your asking price -- that's not too much to ask. If you think I'm going to walk out on a deal, you're wrong, but if you think I'm going to shell out 500 clams for a piece of paper that tells me nothing, you're just as wrong!

IF you are legitimate, PROVE IT TO ME. Don't be a dickhead. If your asking price is 100, show me that I can make 300. Give me the tools, the system -- and if It works, I'd gladly pay up. But don't tell me you're making thousands from Google on a system that isn't associated with them in any way!

Do not tell me to spam everyone I know. Don't tell me to run a porn site (they may be huge money-makers, but they are in most cases illegal.) Don't tell me to use Cyber-begging. If I could SELL, do you think I'd be looking for a legitmate business?

Oh wonderful scammers, oh come with me....give me all of your money!"

I ISSUE THIS CHALLENGE, ONCE AGAIN. PROVE* to me you are legit. Prove your "system" works. Prove it to the tune of 3X your asking price...or BUTT OUT!

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