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Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poetry, continued.

Don't ya love poetry?
Today, while in an RPG on Twitter, I played a rogue hologram. I appeared as
Eros (Or cupid, as you prefer) and came up with two in a minute's time. I
used my "Incredible powers" to attempt a little restored romance between two
of the characters. I MAY have succeeded. I'm not sure, but it looks good.

Poem 1 was recited to a character (male) on a "Voyager" RPG.

You pine for that for which you need not pine.
Don't stay back, don't toe the line!
If you hesitate, you lose.
So I suggest you DO NOT SNOOZE!
If you feel you don't know how,
Take my advice, and call her now!

Poem 2 was to a female character, an Orion.

Love which is not returned is not wasted.

Just because you think love is not returned
Doesn't mean it's not.
But if you don't believe in Winning,
Losing's what you've got.
The truth is here, yes it's here
it's right before your eyes.
Trust your heart (or is it hearts?),
And heed the plaintive sighs!

It's AMAZING what you can do when you're in character!

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