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Thursday, July 2, 2009


HEY FOLKS! It's time for everybody's favorite: THE CANARY AWARDS!

While June was a slow month for nominations, but June and July are generally slow. But everyone had a nominee... I had several, and the question was WHO WAS GOING TO GET THE BIRD?

I gave it plenty of thought, and then at the end of the month a new candidate emerged, grabbing the Gold Canary.

The Dishonorable mention goes to Household bank,which finally signed its own death warrant by giving me their fax number. I hope the like the FTC on their tails!

The Bronze Canary goes to JC CHRISTENSEN and ASSOCIATES...debt collectors DORK SUPREME! They've had THEIR business shut up, too...thanks to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Silver Canary goes to Town And Country Finance here in this city. Now, maybe I can work in peace, since they've been told to SHOVE OFF.

Oh, but the GOLD CANARY... The organization that REALLY DESERVES THE BIRD... Is the Minnesota Supreme Court. It took 'em a month to tell us that they were clowns by supporting a clown for the US SENATE. So while Minnesota has two senators (in membership), they are the most under-represented state in the union because they have two fools in the US Senate.

There were other nominations: The US House for the "CRAP AND TAX" bill 2454. AL FRANKEN, the idiot who's been elected by the idiots of MN to the Senate....despite the obvious stupidity of the man.

And several people who decided that Stupidity rules when it comes to reporting deaths of people...whether or not the deaths were REAL.

I may start another award next month... I used to have a "Kudos" award. Maybe I'll have a Lutefisk award... Watch for the CANARY AWARD for July -- in Early August!

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