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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What happens in North Korea diesn't stay there

Over the last month, North Korea has tested nukes, launched missiles, and now is threatening Chemical weapons. And what is our government doing? Nothing. The President is sitting on his duff, trying to get the people of THIS country to accept perversion in the Government by granting queers the "Right" to "domestic partner benefits." In other words, the Democrats and the Queers are walking hand in hand, tearing down the country while North Korea is pounding on the door with its missiles. These missiles are designed to go as far as Alaska. And Obama is sitting on his ass, ignoring the problem while Clinton (Hillary) is screaming, and the Republicans are involved in a bunch of arguments with a jerk (Rush).

There's no way you can trust Kim Jong-Il. At least the Secretary of Defense is warning the President that something has to be done about it. But what's being done? The President is pushing faggotry, Queerness, and sin. While Obama is no Muslim, he's apparently not much of a Christian, either.

Then, there's Iran. Big election. It was believed that the President of Iran was in grave danger of losing the election. His challenger was ahead, according to some polls. And what happens? The Incumbent wins handily. Was the election fixed? Were the polls off? Were the results misrepresented?

Well, I can say to ALL of those: "Probably." Unlike the US, which has a poll every day in a non-election year, and about 5 daily in election years, and about 15 daily in Presidential election years, Iran seems to have a limit on polls. That's one good thing I can say for them. But that guy who's their president is a radical, a power-hungry guy who SEEMS TO BE tightening his grip on the country. And to make matters worse, the fella is pushing for Nukes, just as much (if not more so) as North Korea. The only difference is that there have been no tests in Iran. The Nukes are gaining everywhere... Israel has 'em, Egypt has 'em, Iran Wants 'em, Iraq was pushing 'em, Pakistan has 'em, India has 'em.

And what is Obama's response to Iran's election? He expresses "Grave Concern" over the result of the Iranian election.

It's rather interesting, though: Iran and the US have something BIG in common: Questionable elections from the last 8 years! Like it or not, Iran and the US cannot sweep that comparison under the rug.

Obama's apparent lack of reaction to North Korea is disturbing. His response to Iran is troubling. And his agenda is tearing down the principles of Morality that the country has had, and has been losing for the last 3 DFL Administrations.

You can't talk sense into North Korea. You can't talk Peace with Iran. And you can't deal with the Devil.

The "Axis of Evil" still exists. And it is unfortunate that it is winning the battle against the United States. We MUST speak up, and stop the destruction of our own principles before we can step in overseas. And at the rate that's going, it's never going to happen again.

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