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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swine Flu Computer Virus? NOT VERIFIED.

Received this today: Not verified.

Swine flu is real, and dangerous. But someone has configured a computer virus modeled after the Swine Flu.

It's the HNC1N Computer virus.

This virus is unknown, and currently completely undetectable by all
anti-virus software. And what makes it even more insidious is the fact that it was uploaded to the server of a very popular retailer. It will infect
your computer if you go to any of the pages of their website.

What does it do? First, it will scan you computer for any and all personal
information. If your name is on a program, it will find it. It will
download all credit card information, bank account information, and then it will snatch the names in your address books. Encrypted, or not, it will download the files in a matter of seconds.

Second, it will delete your registry. It then calls out to your address
book, just once, passing the virus on. Next it allows a power surge to your
monitor and printer, shorting them out. Finally, as a very frightening
touch, it places itself into a protected area of the hard-drive, scrambles
the operating system, and places itself into the memory chips of your
computer. Your computer has becoming a very large, expensive paperweight.

The most frightening part of this virus is not that it spreads like the flu.
But it has no symptoms. You won't know you are infected until it is too

Would you like to know what retailer to avoid online? It won't make any
difference once this virus is set in motion on 7-4-2009. If you've been to
the site, you are already infected. Or if you know someone who has been to the site, chances are you've already got the virus.

If you are going to "Save Money. Live Better." avoid the site, and don't go online. The virus is scheduled to burn itself out in 2 months and 2 weeks after it begins its destruction.

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