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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Monday, May 18, 2009

There's one in every workplace

In every work place, and I mean every workplace,there is an idiot, someone who will hate you without cause. There is someone who will
twist your words, lie, cheat, and attempt to drive you out, but you can fight back. Yet, what happens when it's a member of management? Let me tell you a little story.

At Zayre, it was RICK. At Country Club, it was Cindy. At Musicland, it was Fred, and I think her name was Anne. At the Florist (Which I refuse to mention by name) it was Ed, and it was Mike. Toward the End, it was John, Vince, and Tim joining 'em. Damn fools!

Currently, I suspect it's -- well, let's call her Wendy. It is not her name...I'm using it to protect myself.

One of the major tenets of our company is RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL. But she has NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE. If the founder of this business were still alive, I'd go right to him and talk to him about her.

I have to handle more than 25 locations for sorting purposes. Nobody else has more than 10. And yet, I get "GBA'd" (Griped and Bitched at) for being "Too slow." But I handle more than 2x the locations!

My wife and I have one usable vehicle between us. She starts work at 11 PM, I start at 4PM. I get off at 12:30 AM, to 1AM (Generally), and she gets done around 7. The distance from her work to home is 40 miles. My distance is 35.

I've been requested to avoid trying to walk home, and I don't have another ride. Now they're grouching at me for "Loitering," even though I work -- and they tell me to go home. I ask HOW? I can't afford a cab, certainly can't afford another car, don't have a bike, and my ride doesn't get to me until 8:30. I have to spend 8 hours beyond my work schedule because I can't get a ride home.

Who's been complaining? Probably Wendy. I try to ask her a question and she shoos me away like an annoying fly. She's been trying to drive me out since she became our super -- now she's somewhere else. But still at the store, she complains to the new super, and he tells me I have to go home when done. "HOW?" I ask. Walk?

One of these days! I'll have my proof. I'll go right to the TOP. And I will have the last laugh.

I COULD be wrong. It COULD be someone else. But it's a suspicion, and my suspicions usually are accurate. And That's the facts AS I SEE IT.

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