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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Stupidity of Idiots, revisited

31 years ago, I worked at a place that is now out of business. It was a retailer, known as Zayre Shopper's City (I think Zayre is out of business as well, now)

And there is always a troublemaker in the crowd...someone who cannot be pleased. Some idiot who won't use his/her head about things, and who constant makes false claims. I don't remember the person's name, so I will arbitarily pick a name -- say -- Anita. That's a good one, it's a name I've never used.

Anita may have been in her 60s or so. She used a cane. I don't object to either type of person. But she was a complete and total fool!

Think for a minute: Bags were paper at that time. And every week, she'd come through, buying groceries, as much as $80.00 at a time (And remember, this is 30+ years ago. That was a LOT of groceries!)

The thing was, she wouldn't let you bag the groceries the way you were trained to bag them. Cans on bottom, meats separated from soaps, bread on top. If she had 4 loafs of bread, you can get 4 loafs in one bag. Three would stand on end, one lay flat across the top. Perfect right? NOPE, not for THIS Ignoramus!

A person could get 8 cans on the bottom of the bag. That's what, about 8 pounds back then? Cans, a few pieces of meat, bread across the top... NOPE!

"Too heavy!" she'd complain. It didn't matter WHAT it was. It could have been 3 loaves of bread. "Too heavy!" Why the hell did she buy it if it were too heavy? Three loaves of bread, less than 5 pounds... "Too heavy!"

3 cans of beans? "Too heavy!"


One time, I had nothing in the bag at all, added just ONE LOAF of bread, because of her idiosyncracy... and she started complaining, "Too heavy!"

I told her, in no uncertain terms: "That one loaf is all that is in the bag! What else can I do?"

I got GBA'd by the super -- (Griped and bitched at), and I told him afterwards -- "All that was in that bag was ONE LOAF OF BREAD."
He seemed stunned. Fortunately, such a thing as being written up didn't seem to exist at that time.

I managed to avoid Anita after that. If two pounds is too heavy for her, she should find someone else to do the shopping!

It's what I've always said: IDIOTS ARE EVERYWHERE. And they won't listen to the truth, they won't accept the facts. Like a lot of people I know, they're just too damned dense to give a flying pig.

And Brilliance doesn't exist in the financial field... nor in politics.

This gal would have been at home in a mental institution. She was insane!

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