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Friday, May 29, 2009

As I see it: The consquences of Transportation or its lack

Some people live close enough to work to walk to work. Others live near enough to a bus line to catch a bus. Some people have skateboards, some horses, roller skates -- all useable forms of transportation.

What happens when its too far to walk? First, define "Too far" and you can start making suggestions. Let's say -- 5 miles. Bus route, cab? Both are possible. Bicycle? Half-hour ride. No problem there. Cable would be about $15.00, bus would be less. Hitch-hike, or grab a ride from a neighbor? Good options. But what if it's more than 5 miles? say, 10?
Bike is still possible. Cab becomes prohibitively expensive. Neighbors don't want to go that far. Bus or car -- best bets. Bus or car, about same price if you don't have to pay for parking.

Oops. Now what if you live where there is no bus service, or you have a night shift? Your options become more limited. Bike, Taxi, or Drive. If it's cold, or wet -- one option if price is a factor.

Now, what if you don't have a car? You can get a ride? Sure. Some of these things are still possible.

Now, what if -- you have even more distance to travel? Say, 35 miles?
They won't let you stay overnight, you have no bike, no way to get home. Or to work, if that's the case. What happens THEN?

They tell you to WALK home. 35 freaking miles... you've got health problems, perhaps a heart condition, or maybe you've developed the flu...or possibly asthma.

And the lying SOBs decide to write you up if you stay. They "understand" but they do not care. "Your health is no excuse." What a filthy bit of shit that is!

If you drive, you could have an accident, or get stopped by the power-hungry cops. Or have a flat, or have the motor go out.

If you ride a bike, you can still get stopped -- for bullshit. Or have an asthma attack. Or worse.

And walking? What if you have a hernia, asthma, heart condition? Do they CARE about that? NOOOOO.

What's the best you can do? Nothing is possible anymore. What's the best you can do?

Try to find a legitimate work-at-home business. Good luck. They're scams. Almost all of them are SCAMS. And you are, at best, at the mercy of a pigheaded boss who is more bent on getting your ass out of there than he is with you. What a piece of shit.

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