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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obscene license plates

I got a chuckle today from an article on CNN. It seems a license plate was banned as "Obscene". Now, some of them I can understand: Examples would be

and loads of others, right?

What is banned? I don't know the state that banned it, but I must say "I AGREE"

The banned plate reads "TOFU"

I wonder what PETA says about that....
Tofu, of course, is that horrible soybean stuff...

Some people are obviously reading the thing wrong...but I still say that "TOFU" is definitely obscene. Most people agree: Tofu SHOULD be banned... from stores, as well as from license plates.

It's ABOUT TIME that people saw TOFU for what it really is: DISGUSTING!

(What a chuckle... Wonders will never cease. On the Old Q-Link, someone was told his last name was offensive. It just goes to show you: IDIOTS ARE EVERYWHERE!

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