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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's not from the ONION, for sure...

Headline: Mick Jagger's solo album raises eyebrows, concerns.

"I'm just branching out a little. Just what is wrong with that?" says the leader of the group THE ROLLING STONES, As he announced plans for a solo CD, and 10 city tour.

It's not so much that it's a solo effort, but it's what's on the CD (As spectulated) which is causing the hubbub.

It is stated to be as follows:
1. Cover of the Rolling Stone
2. Life is a Rock (but the radio rolled me)
3. Everybody must get stoned.
4. Rock me Gently
5. I am a Rock
6. Like a Rolling Stone
7. Rock On
8. Papa was a Rolling Stone
9. Rock of Ages
10. Ebeneezer

"Not a single song by him," claimed an anonymous fan of Mick Jagger. "And the last 2 songs are wildly out of character, even if the others weren't."

It's true: Rock of Ages, and Ebeneezer (Stone of Help) are certainly not in character. They're more appropriate to church life than a rock star.

Jagger denies any pending breakup of The Rolling Stones, and affirms he is still in good health.

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