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Evidence will vary by location.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Idiots are everywhere!

You know it, and so do I: Idiots are everywhere. You call your mortgage company, trying to reach a representative. You go through 10 menus, only to be disconnected 5 times, when you finally give up. You write an Email to a credit card company -- they tell you to CALL, but you can't hear! You tell 'em that, and they ignore it! They don't care!

Another case in point is from where I write this today: Fairview clinics.
We tell 'em "There is no money," we tell them "There's been an injury, income has been halved!" Do they listen? NO!

The fool billing department refuses to listen to the FACTS. My wife is injured, she has not worked for 2 months. They are hounding her for money we DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE, and the half-witted boobs refuse to understand anything except the language of money. Maybe they'll understand BANKRUPTCY!

Stimulus program? HA. There's no stimulus. Nowhere, no how! And the idiots that are everywhere refuse to listen to FACTS. You watch: In 10 days, they will submit to a collection agency. And we'll tell THEM what we told the CLINICS. But they, like all idiots, will not understand!

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