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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trading Iraq for Pakistan?

I'm no great fan of war. There are times when I believe that war is the only solution, however. It's a catch-22. My belief system detests war. And yet, there are times when war is the only option. There are certain types of people with whom one cannot negotiate. Hitler was one. Bin-Laden is another. Saddam was one. And the President of Iran is another one. Stalin, Kruschev, Mao -- three other examples of people with whom a person is not able to negotiate.

We have been involve in WWIII since 9-11-2001. There is some debate as to who actually started the war, of course. Some half-witted boobs are saying that Bush started it. Of course that is nonsense. No sane man would ever submit to following the orders of someone who is obviously insane, if that were the case. Bush would have been removed from power immediately. The Democrats had their chance to remove him between 2006 and 2008, but did not do so. Why? Because he had committed no verifiable crime.

A berserk organization, however -- one that blindly follows the leader without regards to the safety of individuals (This doesn't mean our military -- haven't you noticed that they DO speak up?) -- a group with fanatics on a "holy war" to destroy Israel, and western values -- that's another matter.

Think about it. How could Bush, or Cheney, or Rumsfeld have persuaded over 4000 Americans into martyrdom on 9-11? And then about 5000 more in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Obama said he'd get us out of Iraq. Ok, he's given a timeline of the end of 2010. That's great. But now our country is attacking Pakistan. We're trading Iraq for Pakistan! Pakistan has Nukes, this much is certain. Iraq had none. Iraq was believed to have WMDs, such as chemical and biological weapons. Iran and North Korea are working hard toward the goal of acquiring nukes. And we're not taking it. But Pakistan? One small group of fanatics attack Mumbai (Bombay), and claim to have Pakistani ties. But the ties go where? The fanatical division of Islam. Not all Muslims are on a jihad. I know several who are Happily nationalized. They showed their outrage at the 9-11 attacks by flying the US Flag proudly.

But why go to Pakistan? They're not threatening to use their nukes. They don't have Bin-Laden, at least according to available reports.

Afghanistan, Pakistan -- what's next, India? Mexico? (It certainly looks like that). Canada? I know, Great Britian, France, and Austrailia! And for good measure, let's add Germany and Russia, too!

We've not lost...but we shouldn't even be in this war right now. It's over. It's time to pack up and get out. It's time to say "Adieu" to the countries that we've gone into, and come home.

Don't get me wrong. Getting rid of Saddam was a good move. But that job is over. Getting rid Bin-Laden is proving impossible. There's no idea anywhere -- where he is truly hiding. Find him, THEN move in on him. Don't cost us another 10,000 lives.

Don't move into Pakistan. Do pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Security begins at home, not in some foreign country where our soldiers are falling.

It's being done wrong. Let's pull out, and get it done right at the point we can finish the job PROPERLY.

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