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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Playing with a new toy

Toys come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. A vintage automobile, a tractor, a computer, a tool, a flashdrive, a snowmobile, a fishing rod--they all may classify as "toys".

I recently purchased a new "toy" to add to this computer: a webcam. It's a fun little item.

But I must admit this: I never realized that a computer-made video would be so big. I did a 30 second, 1 picture, animated captioning video--and I was shocked to find it was 7.5 MEGABYTES in size. That would mean a 2 minute video would be almost 30 Megs in size. Or so I thought.

I did a two minute, live action video. I was sitting, but not still-- talking, gesturing, swaying... when done, I saved the video. Then I checked the size of the saved video.

I FLIPPED. Did I miscalculate? I went back and triple checked my numbers. Nope, no mistake. 2 minute video-- 164 MEGS in size. More than 1/4 of a CD-Rom.
A DVD-Rom has more room, but 164 MEGS??

Is there a compressor? I'm on a dial-up connection, do you realize how long it would take to upload a 164 Meg file? I downloaded a file that was zipped file--it was 240 Megs. It took 36 hours.

HOW can I use this toy if it's going to make files that take up so much room?

Can ANYONE answer that?

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