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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can you stand to hear the truth?

If I ever get my webcam set up and working so I can get a video here, It will be wonderful.
My theme is simply:  I am--  A force to be reckoned with.  And I ask:  Can you stand to hear the truth?
I am going to clear some stuff up-- some unfinished business.  And when the folks I have in mind READ it, they will KNOW that I HAVE TOLD THE TRUTH.  And their "Concern"-- was misplaced.
It is quite amazing how things can be misunderstood.  One misplaced word, one missed explanation--and EVERYTHING you say takes on a different meaning.
At my last place of work, some folks took what I said as a threat.  It was far from it.  And Here is the TRUTH...not just the truth AS I SEE IT, but the truth.
On one day that I was told that I "smelled", I went to a third party and asked for an appraisal of the alleged smell.  NOTHING was detected, either on my coat, on my clothes, or on me.  And so, The people who claimed it have lied.  It got me suspended...and it certainly was UNFAIR.  I filed a grievance,  but nothing ever came of it--and I suspect it was never brought properly before my old union.
The boss tried to schedule me for 19 consecutive days.  19!  This is neither FAIR, nor just.  Although the union contract gives the employer the right to schedule people, I am certain that they never meant for it to be abused in such a manner.  19 straight days.  This isn't exactly "Boiler operator",  folks.  This was order-filling and warehousing. 
I developed a plan to avoid 19 straight days.  It depended upon those ahead of me in seniority.  They were choosing individual vacation days.  They were the "Players"--the list of people ahead of me.  I would take 2 days across a weekend.  That would not only break up the 19 straight, but get me out of a weekend, to boot.   I mentioned to a co-worker (Call him Judas) the plan, the list, the players... And the coward... Well, he didn't understand what I was talking about.
I developed a secondary part of the plan, which I had hoped would be Primary-- I would find a new job by April 20th (The deadline).
If I couldn't, the other part of the plan was in effect-- two days, preferably across a weekend, or right in the middle of the week.  If I had a new job offer by the 20th of April, I would leave-- and start the new job in May--thus throwing out the problems at the last place of work.
I mentioned (unfortunately) to the same Quisling about the deadline date and I said, "It seems appropriate.  Are you familiar with the date of history, April 20th?"  HE DID KNOW, AND HE DEFINED THE DATE.  I simply stated that he was correct in his assertion of the date of history.  I* never mentioned what the date was-  HE DID.   Then, I mentioned a book outline that I was doing-- for a title called "101 ways to get revenge".  And again, I (unfortunately) told Judas about this outline.  Again, he took it wrong...and again, the Quisling was so frightened....  And I should have realized his treachery... When he asked if he was on the list.  Then he asked if the boss was on the list-- I said, and I quote, "He'd  be on my list."  But this coward never mentioned the book outline--typically twisting some of the things I said-- to make them suitable for betraying me.
I had told this same person about an expose' I was working on-- one that would "Blow the lid off the place".  Does that sound like I threatening to blow up the building?  Sorry, I'm not a terrorist.  But instead of mentioning the expose' all he mentioned was "Blowing the roof off the place".  Great word twisting, huh? 
This person, one whom I thought I could trust,  spent 2 hours with the boss... TWO HOURS... Making things up, twisting what was said.
I am told I may not exercise my freedom of speech or expression.  I am told that I may not publish my blog.  Do they REALLY think I'll stand for that?  They tried to control my life in its entirety.   And I was left in a "no-win" scenario.  IF I quit (even on a forced resignation), they don't have to pay unemployment.  If I don't quit, they charge me with gross misconduct and violation of policy--and again win-- not having to pay unemployment.
May St. Urho forgive them for "Borrowing" his colors. I think that they would have been better off choosing fits.
Remember, folks:  This isn't the truth As I see it, but just the truth.  The question now becomes:  Can they stand to hear the Truth?
I bet they can't. 
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