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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It has been a STRANGE Day

Today, and I really don't know WHY, I feel strangely fortunate. It strikes
me as highly bizarre, mainly because I always tend to see the bad rather
than the good. Everything seems to go wrong, and I am always sinking more
deeply into the mire. I'm spinning my wheels and getting deeper and deeper
into the mud.

Yet, today it doesn't feel that way. I do not know why. Is it because we
managed to get all the horses' hooves done? I've not heard from my
publisher of choice-- is this a good sign, feeling good for a change? I've
been having an occasional B&J wine cooler. That's not affected me in such a
way. Is it because I advanced to the "Second round" interview?

Or is it because I have freed myself from the last job--even though my
unemployment benefits were denied, and I believe incorrectly?
Is it because it is Summer, and summer is a great time of year?

IS it because I have put behind me the lying bastards from the last job? Is
it because I have finally managed to do that?
Or is it because I have finally managed to put all the bitterness behind me?

Whatever it may be, whatever has caused it-- I sure hope it continues for a
while. It's nice to feel good for a change. It's nice to see blue skies
and sunny days. It is a strange feeling to have, after years of nothing but
gloom. But it is certainly a wonderful change.

It's kind of sad that it's Tuesday, though... If it were Wednesday, I'd go
buy a lottery ticket. :)

For a change, a good feeling-- AS I SEE IT.

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