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Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14, 2007 A day of renewal

After some thought, and some debate with myself, I have started over in my blogging. I have begun anew for several reasons, but not because I was tired or even bored. I simply determined that in order for me to go as I plan, I must clear and renew.

I have been victimized by my own words, as OTHERS see them. That is, of course, AS I SEE IT.

So, to eliminate the possibility of being mis-understood again, to eliminate the anti-blogger feeling: I said, "I must start anew."

My rants and ramblings will continue... I will continue to discuss and rant about politics, life in general and the unfairness of it. I will continue to do my thing...although my "Thing" is going to be a bit less drastic than before.

I had some things that I said (or written) that I could have just removed, I suppose...but it would be a long go-through to find and remove them all. The best thing is to start over.

If only it was so easy to do it with life.

For those of you who have enjoyed reading my stuff, thanks. For those of you who didn't--or found it intimidating, or threatening... well, consider this your chance to see a different side of me, a gentler side. But remember, I am NOT going to change into Miss Manners!

Life may have thrown me a curve-- but I am going to hit a home-run.

So, once again: Welcome to the Blog called "As I see it"... and enjoy.

And, if Ancient Clown stops in: Drop me a note. I want to add that blog back to this one--you know the ad, right? :)

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