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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Think your Vote doesn't matter?

     ABC/ Washington Post poll -- I don't trust these groups -- shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a virtual dead-heat. 2%. Margin of error is generally considered 3.5-4%.
     Johnson is really out there, nothing, and his "minor party" candidate opponents have even less.
     We can expect ABOUT 120 Million to vote out of probably 260-300 Million eligible, and probably 240 Million Reg'd.
     This, of course, is still LESS THAN 1/3 of the Citizenry population.     Should we have a law that REQUIRES people to vote? Say, anyone 18 or Older, criminals (Felons) barred? No Non-citizens allow within 100 feet of the voting booths? Other than that, no exceptions?     People complain about "ID Cards." And yet, most people have one. How about a Biometrics card? Government supplied. You can't fake fingerprints. Of course, not everyone has fingers or toes. Or eyes. But you're likely to have one of the three. Brainwave scan?     Iran requires a finger print. Australia has a law that EVERYONE of ages votes. IDs are required in many countries. How can we do less?      Look at that 2% again. Then look at the 2000 election. THIS shows you how important your vote is.     If you go for Jury Duty, you are required to show an ID. Isn't that interesting? If you don't have an ID, you're barred entry and then can be held in contempt for no-show.     ONE ID, max of about 60, good for up to 8 years. Some will say it's a tax. Maybe so. But you ARE being represented.   2%. In Alaska, that's about 6000. In a city of 50000, it is 1000.  In a city the size of Ft. McCoy, Fl, it's 200.  Bring it to Milaca, MN: 60. Put it in Pease, MN, and it is 2.      A city of 100 -- 2 votes. An Election decided by 146 votes... in a state of 28 Million. Still, 30% didn't vote.
     Can you still say "My vote doesn't matter"?

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