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Sunday, March 8, 2015

building anger and frustration at roadblocks.

My wife has been involved with me on her family search.

Today, at, we had another decline (5th overall), and there have been more than a half dozen who have declined to share (at least at this time)  -- and some of those won't even give a name.

Below is what I was going to post on the forum, but decided that it was probably too harsh for the community.

Off topic?  I dunno.  (please note:  The one who is writing this one is Charles, admin for Patricia, not actually her, but her husband.)

I wish to express my appreciation to all who are helping in the search to find her parents by sharing DNA, surnames, and trees.  Thanks also for the replies, even from the adoptees -- I am hoping to find where they fit, as well.

I am a bit disappointed in those who have not shared, but that is your right.  But if not even so much as your own name?  Really?  We can't even begin to guess at that!

I am, however, a bit disgusted with some.  5 have declined introduction entirely.  But why are you throwing up such a roadblock in letting her find her family?  Just what is your reason?  I am understandably curious as to why you have done this.

If you're distant--  5 or 6th cousin -- at least that's an acceptable situation -- the connection is probably too far back to make finding anything likely.  But family is family; you may choose to disavow anyone you wish.    But to refuse to give even so little as a name -- well -- in my opinion, that's despicable.

You may continue to try to hinder her search.  But I will not be denied..


Angry?  Yes.  I toned it down, but decided it was better not posted there, but better posted HERE.
To any of you who actually declined the introduction, I pray you never need help from me.  I ain't gonna give it.

To those who have not yet shared... I hope you do come around.  Especially if just a name.

For those who have helped, or are helping..  you actually behave like true family.  Thanks so much.

Off my soap box...  thanks for listening!

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