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Saturday, September 7, 2013

BORING...Well...maybe not?

A little earlier today, I needed to go to the store.  Bike gave out, flat.  Okay.  Changed to my wife's bike for now.  Still riding.

Had to go back to store.  This time, I'm just going to the corner, about 1 mile away.  As I approach, I see a police car, parked on the road near a house.  I get closer...There's a second car.  And a THIRD.  AND A FOURTH CAR, 3 blocking driveways, one on the road.  OMG... They're apparently in need of support to need that many cars.  I get to the store, get my items, and I'm returning home.  The cars are still there.  In fact, now there's a FIFTH CAR.  WTF?!

This house is VACANT.  There's no light, the weeds are high... And the cops are sneaking around the house like there's some suspicious activity!  I see one of them, peeking around a corner... WHY?

If this is a SWAT-TEAM WANNABE, why don't they have the area cordoned off?

Yet, they behave like they're in danger...No cars in drive, no sign of vicious dogs, no sign of any animals...WHY THE HECK do they need all these backups?

I rode right by.  They didn't try to stop me.  If it were a dangerous situation, wouldn't they have unmarked cars, heavy duty equipment, someone directing traffic away from the area?

Too bad I wasn't carrying a cell phone camera.  Of course, they'd probably try to confiscate it.

Anyway, I assume that this place has an alarm system.  But OMG... Acting like this?  Gimme a break, even with my untrained eye, I can see there's nothing going on in the house!

I did note, as I passed on the flip-flop -- a tree had fallen onto the house.  It probably set off the alarm.  I can understand 2 cars... NOT 5.

Like what went on here last September; I'm not gonna forget it.  3 cops, a vet, and a "compliance" officer...and we proved conclusively that nothing was wrong... of course they continued to spy on us.

For some reason I think that Marion County Florida police have nothing better to do than spy on innocents and play cat and mouse with Non-existent threats!

Somebody's gonna pay dearly.  It's gonna be our taxes... AS I SEE IT!

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