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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A grim look at your future...Welcome to hell...

     With some of the Supreme Crap's decisions handed down from the last session, I find myself creating a monument:  USA, July 4, 1776 to June 26, 2013.  May it rest in peace!

     I've chosen an arbitrary date, not far in the future -- Listen and FEAR... Fear for yourself, your children, your grandchildren...and mourn for this erst-while great nation, a nation which once feared God and followed His commandments!

 It is the 27th of June, 2017.  Four years in the future, that's it.  You've just given a young girl a bath -- might be your daughter, grand-daughter...She's just 2 years old.  You're about to put her to bed when there's a knock at the door.  You gaze through the peep-hole and see a man you've never met.  He's in his 50s.  He knocks again; he's not going to go away.  You don't know the man -- but you know his reputation; he's a child molester and pedophile.  He knocks a third time...He knows you're home; he's NOT going to leave.  Finally you open the door.

He tells you he wants the child in your care; he wants to marry her and take her away.  You decline.  But he states:  I'm a protected class; I have the right to marry anyone I please.  The Supreme Court did away with pedophilia, so there is no crime.  I demand your daughter, and if I do not get her, the police will be here!

Sound far-fetched?  Nope, I wish I could say it was.  But thanks to the latest law changes -- the Stupid Court of the US, they have blown away everything that is sacred.  They have, effectively, KILLED RELIGION in the name of Freedom of Religion!

Minnesota's own Pervert Project (AKA the Gay-Marriage group) has pulled another 5 Million people into the land of depravity, and I, for one, fear for the country.

The Government no longer defends marriage; they have been pulled into the land of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  You can claim they are mythological: Archaeologists have found the ruins of these cities:  BURNED TO BITS... Claim mythology, but you can't hold a candle to this proof!

The Perverts have won two major victories and have pulled the nation further into the abyss, soon to be a place of fire and brimstone, a place like a black hole -- from which escape is impossible.

You claim, maybe, that perversion is normal.  Thing is, there is NO SUCH THING as homosexual animals...You put two male elephants together with females, the elephants FIGHT.  Stallions, fight.  DOGS, fight.  Animals may have emotions, I'm not one to say.  But the obvious -- if a male humps a male, he's not showing affection -- he's showing DOMINANCE.  Since when is dominance a loving behavior?  And if it is "normal" why do the males ALWAYS...(Yes ALWAYS) go back to females?

You claim that you have observed homosexual behavior in animals.  Therefore, it's normal?  What about cases of cannibalism, killing one's own children?  Is not THAT an aberration? Is that NORMAL?  If you try to claim that we're animals, you are on solid ground...but Man (read humanity) is a rational animal.  Most mammals will try to PROTECT their young... they don't kill 'em, but this isn't always the case.

But how does the Supreme Crap Decision to trash DOMA come into play?  They have, effectively, lit a bomb which cannot be extinguished.  It WILL blow up.  Count on it.  Shortly, you will find pedophiles and child molesters back on the street because it's OK...They have the right to marry anyone they want.  Could be a child, 2 years old, a boy, a goat, a car... it will all have to be acknowledged by the Perverted Government.

Marriage is a SACRED INSTITUTION, not a civil contract, although it does contain aspects of both.

PERVERSION is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the sight of God.  If you try to tell the story of the Adulteress, the story in which Christ says, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone," you are still on very, very shaky ground!  Why?  Because, at the end, Jesus lays out a statement which is too often ignored:  "GO, AND SIN NO MORE."  In other words, there's a condition in the lack of condemnation...STOP SINNING!

America, No longer land of the free and the home of the brave.  More like, land of the freebie and the home of the depraved!

Welcome, my friends, to Hell -- the United States of Depravity... AS I SEE IT!

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  1. Your reflections of nature lead me to further ponder the human condition. Specifically, love between two people. The analogy to the animal world seems incomplete to me for humans have free will and a greater intellectual possibility than animals. Respectfully, I submit my thoughts as inspired by pondering yours.

    Looking still to nature, life on earth, as God designed it, began 4 billion years ago as single cells. The cells were competitive but over time began communicating which led to a state of cooperation. Out of that, nucleated cells emerged. These went through the same process. Multi-celled creatures arose, beginning with Adam and then Eve.

    Early humans were/are competitive for resources just as the early cells had fought before communicating. We are now, after 175k years, moving from competition to cooperation through communication. We evolved through collaboration and sympathizing to become the dominant species on the planet, and in this way we will continue to thrive.

    "Wherever two or more are gathered in God's name, there is Love."

    Animals fornicate to procreate. They do not enjoy sex as pleasure or as a way to communicate love for one another as humans do.

    Most animals do not mate with an intention to create a life union. Humans choose partners with hope of everlasting companionship and love.

    Not every human union results in procreation. Many couples pleasure one another with fellatio and cunnilingus along with intercourse, etc. Again, sex is used to bond, to communicate, to feel good.

    While I honor God, I do not subscribe to any religion (though I respect the organizations, and honor the sense of community, I am not aligned with the man-made myth as presented). Still there is a vein of Truth that runs through them all. Love one another. Do not do to another that which you would not wish done to you.

    And, as for pedophiles and perverts and rapists and etc, the sex act is against God's will when it is against the will of the victim. No marriage of a minor shall take place without the consent of the parents in the USA. Still, there is opportunity to help the world's girls who are given to arranged marriages when they are still children, and most often agains their will.

    Thank you for your thought provoking perspective. May the minds of many be stirred until we all are aligned under the Truth of God's Love.