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Friday, July 6, 2012

PROOF of LIES --- The side of TRUTH!

You've all heard, I suppose, of the accusations of improper voting, illegal voting, the dead voting....If you haven't, you had your head in the sand.  It has been shown that in 2008, more than 50,000 DEAD voted.  This is appalling, indicative of a much wider problem of fraud.  Strangely, the Govt. forces a "REAL ID" act, then declares that being forced to show an ID when voting is not Constitutional.  It's a strange cop-out for the DOJ to  ignore facts, laws, and yet support laws that are supposed to stop fraud.

53000 dead.  That's just in Florida.  How many Illegals voted?  There are numbers flying about...but none really verified.  

Yesterday, I received in the mail a letter from the Supervisor of elections.  Not just me.  My wife, too.  And there was a THIRD letter; I was not permitted to open.  It was not addressed to me.  It WAS addressed to a "Sandra Lynn Johnston".  Thing is, there has never been a "Sandra Lynn Johnston" at my address.  At least, there has not been for at least 4 years.  And yet, they are trying to verify her?  Actually, they are informing her of (I would guess) what they informed ME about...redistricting.

But WHO is this person?  We've had this place for a year and a half, it was on the market for months before that, and it was owned years before by the people from whom we bought!

WHO is "Sandra Lynn Johnston"?  I've tried to find the person via the web.  I've been given possible locations.  But why are they sending HERE?  She doesn't live here!

Is this intentional fraud?  I couldn't say.  But the potential for fraud IS there.

THIS is why we need voter ID laws.  Yet, those who claim that "Discrimination" is rife, because people can't afford IDs...Yes, it's possible.  But you've GOT to know somebody, get somebody who can prove who you are.  You CANNOT get a check cashed without a DL.  You can't set up a bank account without a proper ID.  You certainly can't get welfare without an ID... so, what's the scoop, here?

I wish I knew.  I'm contacting the Supervisor of Elections for my county today.  IF YOU get a validation to someone who doesn't not live at your address, or never (to your knowledge) has, SHOUT OUT to your supervisor of elections.  It's the only way to prevent fraud and keep YOU from being disenfranchised by fraud!

VOTER ID ... It may not be the "best" solution -- but it IS one that is AVAILABLE AS I SEE IT!

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