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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Poetry

No, I'd never limit myself to one specific blog type. I need a place to
Rant and rave, B***h about politics and law, complain about overpopulation,
Express kudos and give canary awards...but poetry (A new poem) is my topic
Today. MAY, of course, is a month I detest. Lots and lots of trouble in May,
and regardless of the birth month of my parents (May) and my wife (May)
-- It's also a month of death, broken bones, bills, and other things I
Would Prefer never to mention. It was the month in which I wrote "Take me to
The Graveyard" and "Goodbye cruel world."
Today, I add to the May list of Poems.
Amidst the shards of broken dreams,
Shattered hopes, abandoned schemes,
There is a memory that beckons,
Yes, somehow, it does gleam.
A forgotten dream...

A love that could have been and yet was not,
Lost in a land that time forgot
Left to die, and stink, and rot....
Yet, somehow, it does not....
Apparently, dead not!

Some will say "It was just a crush"
True enough, I'll say
Easily dismissed --
Puppy love -- a crazy dream
Heaven without a kiss

Would you have laughed at me, I wonder
At what I then did think?
Your name and mine, in my notebooks
In a heart drawn in ink?
It was the fear --

Fear of being laughed at, being hated,
Being told "GO AWAY."
Heart broken at a tender age,
Oh, what would my classmates say?
Oh, What would you say?

The crush forgot, the years flew by
Of people I lost track
But one returned, and a kind word
Caused the feelings to rush back.
The thoughts came rushing back.

The paths diverged many years ago
They never really met, and they broke clean.
At my age, now, I'm forced to wonder
what really could have been.
Yes, it's true; I'm forced to ponder-- OH, WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN!

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