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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 states. 3 winners so far...

This is what people call "Super Tuesday", or as I am referring to it, STUPOR TUESDAY.  At the end of the night, it's gonna be leaving the GOP in a Stupor, one way or another!
So far, out of the 10 states holding caucuses and primaries, we have 6 states decoded.  One is too close to call. 3 are yet to finish their work.  And it's leaving the GOP in a bit of a shell-shocked state.
Romney takes MA.  That's no surprise.  There were only 2 on the Ballot in VA.  Paul did not win.  If he doesn't win a state tonight, As I see it, he'll have to drop out.  To continue such an effort would be the height of stupidity for a man who prides himself as Frugal! 
So far, Romney (The Massachusetts Messiah) has taken MA, VA, and VT.
Gingrich did very well in his home state, and MAY actually sneak out a second place Finish in OK.  But Georgia alone won't be enough.  Despite his funny and witty remarks this evening, Funny and witty doesn't make a Presidential Candidate.
Santorum Surprised me in TN.  He's also taken Oklahoma. 
OHIO -- still too close to call.  If Santorum Wins, he'll rightfully claim the "Momentum" label.  This leaves Alaska, and I believe ND.  And Idaho.  Some of these could lead to "Winner take all", but not all.  And there's still a lot of time left.  We've got 21 states under the wire, now, 29 to go, Plus territories of Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and D.C. 
Santorum?  Romney?  Gingrich?  Paul, unless he wins, has had it.  Gingrich MAY get his delegates, if Paul so designates. 
At the moment, we're on our way to a Brokered Convention.  That could mean NONE of the current crowd gets in.  It might mean Bachmann, Palin, West, Rubio, Jindahl, or Pawlenty.  It won't mean Schwarzenegger (Who was born of two non-Americans in Austria).  Some would argue it wouldn't allow Rubio (Born in Miami, but of two non-American Citizens).  Some might call on John Ellis Bush, or Chris Christie, or Rick Perry, or maybe even Condoleezza Rice. 
Yeah, it's gonna leave the GOP in a Stupor for a while.  The question is, will someone overcome the inertia and pull ahead, winning the 1100+ delegates needed?  AS I SEE IT, not at this time.  But stranger things have happened.  Just look at 4 years ago!
Yes, we're going to be in a Stupor for a while -- AS I SEE IT! 

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