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Sunday, October 16, 2011

When the COUNTY is running an extortion scheme.

In June, My wife had a job interview in a neighboring county.  While there, she receive a freaking traffic ticket -- 3 of 'em, to be exact.  Deserving?  Well, two of them were dismissed right off. 
HOWEVER, we had nothing to pay the remaining ticket.  We got an extension.  I sold an item, went to the neighboring county 4 days before the September due date.  I paid the fine, justified or not... Got the receipt, then went home.  I had my wife put the receipt someplace where we could find if the cops decided something was wrong.  Weeks passed.  No problems. 
UNTIL YESTERDAY.  My wife received a letter claiming the fine hadn't been paid and that her license will be suspended.  HUH?  I paid the damn thing.  I PAID IT IN CASH.  I have the DAMN RECEIPT.
This leads to one of 4 conclusions:
1) Computer failure.  This is possible, I suppose.  Of course, I know of nobody else who has the same problem.
2. Misplaced data.  Things have a tendency to get lost. 
3) INCOMPETENCE on part of cashier.  However, she SEEMED competent..  So, I tend to discount this one.
4) EXTORTION RING... Attempts to STEAL more money for any unfortunate who was unlucky enough to get a ticket in that county.
I, for one, have never equated LOCAL GOVERNMENTS with crooks.  FEDERAL, STATE, yeah.  NOT LOCAL. 
But this looks like a blatant attempt to steal $154 bucks more.  It AIN'T GONNA WORK, YOU F***ERS!  We KEPT THE RECEIPT. 
Your little extortion ring is gonna be EXPOSED, and YOU ASSES will be in JAIL, if I* have anything to say about it!
Fortunately, we have a lawyer in the family.  FORTUNATELY, we have the receipt.  Fighting City Hall is always tough.  But they're gonna have a hard time getting away with this!
The county in question shall remain NAMELESS...but I say this:  IF YOU THINK That we're going to roll over and play dead, allowing you to STEAL 154 more, You better THINK AGAIN...AS I SEE IT!
(I'll keep you informed as to the results.  WE'RE GONNA KICK SOME COUNTY ASS!)

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