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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Misconceptions-- let's clear 'em up, huh?

Now, let's get something straight:  I'm not a democrat, I'm not a communist, I'm not a Nazi.  I AM disabled, laid low by COPD and total hearing loss.  I'm a Republican.  And I am ANGRY.
I get a small stipend from the Govt, and it is something for which I worked 30+ years.  It ALL goes to upkeep...and there isn't much else I can do.  MOSTLY house...
There have been some GOP member who have been giving crap about Medicaid.  To hear them speak, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and a huge waste.  It (according to these folks) gives FREE medical...Nothing out of pocket.
LET ME TELL YOU, FOLKS.  YOU ARE WRONG.  Stop Bull-shitting, and start learning the facts of the matter!
Now, I grant you I'm not familiar with Medicaid in any state other than my current one.  Each state has its own rules.  But don't tell me it gives "FREE" care.  It doesn't!  In MY case, I have to shell out 1079 A MONTH in medical expenses before I'm eligible for help.That happened in August.  But in September, it went RIGHT BACK to that figure of monthly deductible of almost 1100!  I don't have insurance, other than medicare, because of my disability.
Then, there are the statements about illegals on Welfare, free medical...Again, it's bullshit.  I've done my research.  There was a story about a mother in FL who was pulling in 1500 a month per child, she had 8 kids and was only 25.  Florida law doesn't give that much.  MAX would be 671/month.  But there's no such person!
Look, folks... If you're gonna exaggerate to prove a point, you better be prepared to say to yourself "Do I have proof of this?  Am I willing to testify UNDER OATH that this is true?"
Sure, there are liars on both sides.  And things get TWISTED.  Statements about companies that pay "NO INCOME TAXES" -- the original survey indicated that once in seven years, certain big businesses paid no taxes.  That's NOT THE SAME as Not Paying ANY taxes.  What about those other 6 years?
I'm TIRED of your bull shitting.  I'm tired of your lies and half truths.  And if you are not prepared to DO THE RESEARCH NEEDED... Don't repeat the story.  Don't go to blogs as sources; too many of them are liars, as well.  Get Legitimate sources.  Check out the Congressional Record.  Check out the library of Congress. 
A recent story put out by the Tea Party indicated "Cash Transactions banned in Louisiana. "  This is fully exaggerated.  The title has you believe that they're banning ALL cash transactions.  I've read the law.  I don't like it.  But that IS NOT what it says.  Not exactly.  But similar laws have been enacted in many states, including MN and FL.  But the wording of the laws differ, making the laws vastly dissimilar.  For instance, if you take a lot of scrap metal to a recycling spot in MN, they must pay by check.  In FL, they have to take your license and info about your vehicle, but they will pay in cash...unless it's too high.  They also take a thumb print and picture, sometimes.  So like it or not...It's the way it is.
Congress has the right to regulate commerce.  The states have to follow the rules, but they can add to the rules, to an extent. But NOBODY can FORCE COMMERCE.
Just do me a favor:  If you're going to pass along info, AS I SEE IT, you have an obligation to yourself to check the facts, and a duty to others to be sure the facts are accurate.  If you're going to shirk your duty and obligation, you have no right to spread information; you're nothing but a gossip monger.   So, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.  If you REFUSE to check out your information with RELIABLE SOURCES, you're nothing but a coward-- AS I SEE IT!

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