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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baseball Soaps.

Ok, so the Yankees defeated the Twinkees.  That's not a surprise, as they've had Minnesota's number for years.  But now I look at the situation, Yankees on the brink of Elimination at the home park.  Their Bite is a lot weaker than their bark, I would say.
Texas took the first game from the Yankees, and the Yankees evened it up in game two.  Then it was to NY, where the Big Apple seems likely to take a bite out of the Texas Rangers.  Or so I thought.  But I've been very pleasantly surprised that the Rangers have bitten the heads off the Yankees for two consecutive games, 8-0, and 10-3.  And the Yankees seem to be fading into the sunset!
Oh, there are still a maximum of three games left.  One, and only one, remains in the Bronx borough of the Big Apple. 
Will tomorrow end the Yankees season?  Or will they come back to haunt Texas tomorrow?  At the moment, I can't say.  But I can say it's been fun watching AS THE YANKEES SQUIRM!
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