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Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I meant to post this yesterday

But, you know how life gets sometimes. With all the travel I had to do
yesterday, plus dealing with the sheriff's sale (SCREW CITI!) I really did
not seem to be around much.

So, picture it yesterday, but 24 years ago. Where were you that day? Were
you watching? When did you hear about it?

If you don't remember what I refer to, think again...A COLD JANUARY MORNING.
.You've been at work, maybe... I know I was. I heard nothing until 11:30,
or so...but I was in an entirely different area at the time, so I had no
access to the media.

Of course, I refer to the ill-fated Shuttle Mission, known as STS-25.
Challenger, by name. I still remember watching the replay over and over..
and thinking "This couldn't be happening." The Plume, the flame, and the
flash of light that ended it. It was a day I can't forget, no matter how
much I want to.

While I no longer remember all of the names, two I still do...Christa
McAullife, and Dick Scobee.

What frightens me the most was that I saw this happening... Years before.
If I can find my journal, I could verify the date.

I wrote a poem, shortly thereafter. It was a "Naked Verse"--which spells
out something with the first letter of each line. Although the first 4
letters and last 4 spelled nothing, the middle... Well, judge for yourself.

Proudly pointing toward the sky
On a cold January morn
Countdown was progressing
A Nation's pride to be reborn.

Clearing the Tower
Heavenward bound
A flight underway Would
Learning be found?
Leaving the earth, to
Enter the sky
Nobody knew the
Gates of Heaven were Nigh.
Engulfed in a flame -- it ended it's

People watched a shuttle launch
On a cold January morn.
Countdown is now over.
A nation, united, learns to mourn.

In the 24 years since Challenger, we lost one other shuttle, upon re-entry.
17 years, 4 days later. 17 astronauts lost in the line of duty . 3 of
those on the ground. How many millions of miles?

I still support the space program. It's the only thing that keeps us going,
really. To be planet bound, like most of us are...with no idea of what goes
on, where, or any idea of what MIGHT exist... We would be more blind than we
really are.

We must continue to explore. Or we shall die. It's unfortunate that death
falls in the realm of exploration. It's a tragedy, one that still leads to
the bigger and better things beyond.

That's History--and it's constantly remember: AS I SEE IT.

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