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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Tiger Woods Saga

Tiger Woods is arguable the best golfer ever. He's up there with Jack Nicklaus and Sam Sneed.He's well known, and it's got its ups and downs. That's the life of a celebrity!

A few days ago, he was in anb auto accident. He hit a hydrant, and a tree. The cops want to interview him, he's been evading them. Apparently, the cops think that he's the victim of domestic abuse.

If this were an average joe, We'd be asking WHO THE F*** CARES? And WHY SHOULD WE? Instead, we are chomping at the bit, waiting for more news. So many folks, like a school of hungry Pirahana, are just waiting to tear it apart.

If it had been an average joe like me, nobody would be interested. The police would have their report, the insurance company would have been notified, and that would be the end of it -- unless the driver was drunk.
Woods was not.

Why do the crowds hang around him like vultures waiting for a meal? I tell you, something is damn wrong!

Give the guy his privacy. Let him deal with whatever is going on. That's the way it should be: AS I SEE IT!

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