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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Canary awards!

Absurdity, Absurdity: It's time to issue a Bird or three.
Who wins this time? You all shall see;
As I award canaries three!

Yep, November is history, and it's time once again for everybody's favorite (Or is that NOT so favorite?) Canary awards -- for people and organizations that you'd like to give the bird!

After our phone number change, the fall-off in nominees is apparent.But somehow, these organizations (or individuals) got nominated -- 1) Household Bank (Very typical!), the Yankees, a mortgage company, a child-beater, Obama, and Congress. Only 6 nominees, and I tell you that is quite a drop from the 20 nominees of October!

Weeding out 3 was easy enough. Obama didn't make the cut. Congress COULD have, if it hadn't been for a child-beater. And a team I love to hate (The Yankees) did not quite have enough "OOMPH" to hit 3rd place. So, you have the 3 winners.

So, in reverse order: The Bronze canary goes to our mortgage company. They think harassing us is going to get us to be able to pay up the mortgage. Oh, how I wish that could be the case. But sending someone out to pound on the door doesn't get money in the bank of the people who need it.

Household Bank doesn't claim #1 this month, although they are in the running for "Bird of the Year." They hit the annoyance factor 2X in November, with a letter demanding a payment (even though we had managed 3 payments, with a 4th on the way, their harassment hit us there. And at the End of the month (After we were hit with a 250 plumbing job!) they were scheduled to take a payment on the 30th. I could NOT afford the plumbing job if they took. I went in to edit the payment on the 29th. Imagine my anger when I found the payment was already being "processed," a full day before the scheduled date. OI, they have earned my wrath! And they earn the Silver Canary.

While I have no contact with my first choice, someone I know gave me an appalling report: Her husband had hit her child -- so hard that he drew blood. It was too much for her. She left the man. I can't say I blame her for that. While I am not at liberty to give names, I cannot disagree with her action. So, her spouse (Now a child-beater) earns the GOLD CANARY. (This is a first for me.. Awarding a canary on behalf of someone else and without her knowledge of it!)

So, that's it for this month. December Canaries will be awarded in January, plus a special top 3 for the year. It ain't decided yet. There's a whole month ahead!

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