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Monday, December 21, 2009

The search is on again, still on...or whatnot...

Thanks to Twitter, Bill Zucker, Theladywrites, MissMarty49, and others for whom I don't remember names, The search for my wife's biological parents and daughter is continuing.

It's kind of hard to get birth records in Florida, when they're all sealed. It's frustrating to be stymied by destroyed records, odd laws, "Privacy issues," and impossible conditions that have to be met. (IE, you have to have parental approval to search for your parents!)

What little we know about Trish is that she was born in W. Palm Beach, May of 1952 (Provided the records weren't false), private party adoption. We know her given birth name (Not the surname, unfortunately). We can only guess at the age of her mother (could have been between 13 and 30) and the father is believed to have been a musician.
She originally had blonde hair, but it darkened over the years. Her eyes, still blue, however.

What we know about her daughter is even sketchier. April, 1975, the hospital, City, and such... but we know the adoption occurred through Catholic Charities. Her daughter's eyes COULD be blue, I suppose. Blonde hair is possible, but we don't know for sure. It's possible she could be diabetic, too. As could her parents, I suppose.

IF you fit these "Short descriptions", or know someone who does, please contact me through Twitter, or through the Blog. Either way, I'll get the message. Pictures, info, or whatnot could help us determine the possibility.

While we don't expect success, we hope for some sort of leads... SOMETHING. Even a death date, or name could help.

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