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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do it .. And risk a court-martial!

As the war drags on in Afghanistan, the action in Iraq winds down. And the
General issues an order--Orders themselves are nothing surprising. But THIS
one interferes with the rights of married couples, and I find it both
objectionable and outright stupid!

The order? "Don't get pregnant, or you'll risk a court-martial." THAT to
married women. And "don't get them pregnant, or you risk court-martial,"
to the men to which the women are married.

Is that not just a bit extreme? Since when does the Military have the right
to control your marital life? They can ship you off to far away places.
They can ship you off to war. The can demand you clean the bathroom with a
toothbrush. They can demand you run five miles in 25 minutes. They can
demand you make your bed so well that a coin will bounce off of it.

But to control the married life of married soldiers? This sounds like
communism or possibly Islamic Law. It's the exact type of tyranny the
soldiers are sworn to fight against.

Since that order, there was an uproar...and the order was revised. You'll
be punished.

Guys, you might as well be eunuchs before you join the service. Women (or
ladies, gals, or whatever term you prefer), you might as well have
yourselves rendered infertile before you join.

I can't help but wonder -- did this General think about what would happen if
HE had a wife in the military? I bet he didn't. It's kind of unsurprising
that the war drags on. But now the soldiers have a new enemy--their own
commander. It's going to cause defections, a rise in conscientious
objectors, and a drop in new enlistments.

Methinks the Command better start thinking, and shaping up. I know what I'd
do if I were President...but our current President is just too "Wishy-washy"
to do what needs be done.

In the Military, and matters of the heart, that's the major problem: AS I SEE IT!

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