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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The pamphlet claims "YO ES HORA"

There are some people up-in-arms, as it were, over a pamphlet which promotes what I believe to be an illegal invasion of privacy ( a lot of unnecessary questions), because it claims "This is how Jesus was born" -- the pamphlet promotes the U.S. Census.  I didn't  look closely enough to see if the pamphlet was printed at Government expense.  I'm going back to see if it is.  And I find it was not printed at Government expense, nor was the Government responsible for the content of the poster.  That's fine and dandy.
But I'm not here to yak about the poster and content.  I'm here to rant and rave about something else..  It's almost time for the once-a-decade (Actually, now it is TWICE a decade) invasion of privacy by the U.S. Government -- an invasion of privacy known as the US CENSUS.
Michele Bachmann, Representative from MN, claims she won't fill out anything on the form except for names, genders, and ages.  And I agree.  Since when does the Government need to know if you live in a trailer, have trash pick-up, satellite TV, or a dog named Sandy?
Why don't they ask 4 simple questions -- 4 questions that can be used to count the people?
1) How many live in your house or apartment?
2) What are your ages?
3) What are your genders?
Four questions.  Everything thing you need to know.
I don't care if you ARE married, or not.  I don't care if you're a single mother, or if you are disabled. (The last one is odd, when you consider that I am disabled -- hearing loss, afflicted with Asthma-- both of which affect my ability to work... Can't answer phones when you can't hear, can't work outside when it's too cold, can't do a lot of heavy lifting because Asthma will stop you.)
I don't care if you have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  I don't care if you go to church every week.  I don't care if you consider yourself "African-American," "Black," or "Nigger."  I don't care if you are from Spain, Mexico, Columbia, China, Russia, or Japan.  I DO care if you are here legally.
I REALLY don't care about your heritage.  I don't care that you are related to William Shakespeare, Justin Bieber, or Barack Obama.  I don't care if you're a Republican or Democrat if you don't try to influence my lifestyle too much. 
I DO care if you are employed, retired, or a lazy bum who's living on Public Assistance.  This, of course, does not include the disabled.
I Do NOT care if you sweep streets, teach at the University, sing professionally, or if never made it to college.  If you can read (Provided you aren't blind), speak, or write, I really don't care what your education is.  If you're a singer, I MIGHT bug you to do one of my songs, but that's another story!
IF you're going to use the census to invade our privacy beyond those for questions, I DO mind.  If you are here illegally, I DO mind.  IF you deal in illegal drugs, or are a murderer, I DO mind.
WHY does the government want illegals counted, anyway?
It's all politics.  There are estimates in the millions -- millions of illegals in the U.S.  I don't care if they are Latino, Arab, Swede, or some other nationality.  If you come to this country, come in legally.  If you can't come in legally, stay home.
STOP. If you're an illegal, don't think you should be entitled to everything to which a citizen is entitled.  You're entitled to a lawyer to fight your deportation.  As far as I am concerned, that's it.
If we have to participate in this census, we must be sure it's conducted fairly, we must be sure it's not an invasion of privacy beyond our four questions, and it must be used to track and deport illegals. 
If this sounds harsh to you, I suggest a little research on the laws of Iran, Mexico, China, and Cuba.
I'm not saying eliminate the census.  Nor am I saying don't participate.  I'm asying WE MUST MAKE IT WHAT THE FOUNDERS INTENDED.  That's the fact of the matter -- AS I SEE IT.
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