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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obama's house saving plan--

Obama signed into law something that would help home owners stay in their
homes, readjusting the interest rates on the mortgages. Remember that? It
was supposed to help up to 7 Million people.

To date, it's stated that less than 100,000 people have applied for the
program. (It's said about 85K)

Well, we tried -- we didn't qualify.

Even if we had, we have to come up with lots of paperwork. I mean a BUNDLE.
Almost a filing cabinet worth...and who holds on to paperwork for that
length of time?

We needed a complete budget. Unfortunately, only one of us is working, and
the other (Me) is disabled. When you're deaf, you can't answer phone calls
or do much in the way of customer service.

When you have asthma (attacks can strike at any time) it restricts
outdoor/dust/cold environment work -- heavy lifting is also restricted. And
what if you have a hernia, to boot?

The budget done, but there's no where to cut back.

They want bank statements... What is it, 3 months worth? I seldom hold them
more than a month. I USED to hold them, but there seemed to be little sense

They want pay stubs... I'm not sure of the number anymore, but I can't show
em stubs for disability... I don't get one. I have to show from the bank

They want 2 or 3 years of Tax statements. That's easy enough. You're
supposed to hold 'em for 7 years, anyway. But they're all packed away, or
they're on the computer and need to be printed out again.

They want copies of the mortgage paperwork, deed, etc... Well, that's a slow
process if you don't have them available. You have to jump through hoops
just to get what you need. And if the mortgage companies don't cooperate,
you wind up filing a lawsuit to get it.

And they wonder why nobody is applying?!

When you have to make a small book of information, jump through hoops, wear
a clown suit with a big red nose, and drive a vehicle that is 22 years old
but gets a 36 MPG rating, how the heck can you comply?

Yeah, some people have been helped. The rest of them can't come up with the
stuff needed to try getting help. And some of us (Like me) don't qualify.
Big freaking help!

Make it understandable. Make it easy. Make it useful. The song says "Two
out of three ain't bad." Unfortunately, 1 out of three ain't enough. And
neither is 2 out of 3.

That's the reason nobody is trying. And that's why the banks are forcing folks into the streets....AS I SEE IT.

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