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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hopes and dreams for 2010 -- vs. Likely reality.

Everyone has hopes and dreams for the coming year. I'm one of them. There
s a LOT I'd like to see happen. Unfortunately, the pessimist comes forth,
tempering my beliefs into the likely reality.
This doesn't mean that good won't happen. It simply means that no matter
what the outcome, it's going to be a lot worse than what we hope for, what
we pray for, and that's a fact.

What I'd LIKE to see -- what probably WILL be seen -- well, read on.

1) END to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with complete success and
Likely: Pull out from Iraq with several hundred more deaths, and
increase in action in Afghanistan. How many thousands more will die in the
next year?

2) END to Communistic participation in the US, disguised in "DFL" form.
More likely: Increase in socialism, higher taxes, more invasion of

3) END to Al Quaeda. More likely: Increase in their actions.

4) END to monetary problems, or at least be able to sell and move.
More likely: Increase in money problems, bankruptcy, and eviction. I
hope I'm wrong.

5) Completion of new novel, with it being sold and published. Then the
other being sold.
More likely: At best rejection slips, with using the old manuscript's
paper in the fireplace.

6) END to health problems, Wife's diabetes vanishing, depression vanishing,
and my ears clearing up.
More likely, all getting worse, or at best staying the same.

7) Vikings winning SuperBowl. More likely, elimination in first round.

8) End to all legal hassles, no visits from cops, or any law enforcement
More likely, harassment.

9) Sell the house before we're evicted. More likely, eviction, and on the

10) Being able to say "2010 was a good year." More likely, "2010 sucked
worse than 2009."

It's the difference between the Optimist, the Realist, and the Pessismist.
The Optimist sees the silver lining in the dark cloud. The REALIST sees the
cloud. The Pessimist seels the silver lining in the cloud, but knows it's
tarnished, and he'll be the one who has to polish it.

The facts of the matter, the dreams to be smashed in the next year: AS I SEE IT.

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