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Friday, August 7, 2009

Everybody wants to get into the act.

Today's number, for you numerilogical nuts, is 41250. Almost put 41270. Boy, I'm glad I caught that. Of course 41250=406251. Are you STILL having trouble guessing? I never woulda thought....:)

It seems that EVERYBODY wants to get into the act. You may recognize that expression as coming from the Late Jimmy Durante, aka "The Shnozz."

Today, there's a letter demanding 500 bucks (Which we ain't got), to be paid in 15 days at the latest. Then there's another demanding 1914.60 to be paid in 60 days. (That's impossible, too). Somebody else calls, requesting 200 bucks. (How's that? HEY, BUDDY, have you seen my bank account recently?)

Then, a canary award nominee for August writes and tells us to REPLACE THE ROOF, OR WE WILL NOT INSURE YOU. HOW the HELL am I supposed to come up with 10 grand to replace the roof? I had it repaired 2 years ago, but the half-witted fools claim it was never done. I HAVE my proof, but it's packed away because we'll be moving. Trying to find that proof is going to be like locating a needle in a haystack.

This morning, there was a call from another nitwit, whom we've told before, "You'll get it when we've got it, and not before. Don't call us again!" Of course the BANK wants money, as do the mortgage companies. How is a guy to play tomato? (IE, Catch-up?)

I expect calls tomorrow from at least 10 different idiots, and I know exactly what I am going to say. "Tell ya what, buddy. You give me enough to pay you guys off, and I'll be happy. But you can't afford it, either, can ya, dude?"

On the crazy side, today CNN reported Secretary of State Clinton was in Kenya. Dancing. Dancing her fool head off. She's got more rhythm than Obama! And to top it off, one Kenyan man offered her some goats and cows in exchange for Chelsea as his second wife.
There is NO INFORMATION on whether or not that offer was accepted. I certainly wouldn't give away my daughter for some cows and goats. If he were to throw in a Lincoln, on the other hand...(LOL!)

Yep, it seems that goofiness is everywhere, and money grabbers are still trying to get what I ain't got. They keep it up much longer, and they'll get NOTHING. It's a simple fact... AS I SEE IT.

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