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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spam Mail... 500 of 'em in two weeks.

Any sane person who isn't a Spam sender hates that kind of junk. I've had
about 500 Spam Mail in the last two weeks, so I abandoned my account to Spam
Mail, warning a few of the people I deal with to make a note of the change.

Two people haven't responded. One responded but is still sending to the
SPAM box, I'm putting that person on alert by bouncing the Email back to her
Interestingly, she ignored THAT, too.

They're all variations on the Nigerian Scams. The one threat was a little
more... Tacky. My sister told me "It's the latest version of the Nigerian
Scam. They skip the carrot and go right to the hammer?"

They try to bribe you with non-existent funds. They try to play on your
sympathy with sob stories about their health. (One man claimed to have
advanced cervical cancer. Oh, that's a good trick!) One person using a
man's name claimed to be a woman whose husband was killed in a plane crash.
Some of them claim to be from the FBI. They add attachments when they're
lazy. Sometimes those attachments are viruses. Thank Goodness for Norton
Anti-virus and Internet security. Some of these letters claim to be from
the U.N. One even invoked the name of the President in "Obama's Foundation.

Then, let's not forget the Hoaxes. A certain line-up of numbers "Will never
happen again." It depends on how you look at it. For instance: on Sept 9,
this year, at 9 minutes and 9 seconds after 9 AM, it will be a line-up of
They'll claim it will never happen again. Well, it's true if you remember
no moment ever comes again. But the lineup of numbers will occur in 2109.
Claiming Mars will be as big as the Moon in August of this year... False, of
course. Mars is smaller than the Moon, and much farther away. If you view
mars with a 75 power telescope, it will look big. My own telescope is only
1/3 of that.

Urban legends are fun, too. Did "Mickey" of Life cereal fame die from
drinking carbonated beverages and consuming "pop rocks" at the same time?
Nope, he's still alive. Is Elvis still alive? Nope, he's dead. Some
people still think that Hitler is alive and well and living in Brazil.
Were a bunch of Politicians (Including Dan Quayle, Nancy Pelosi, George W.
Bush, and many others) born just 9 months after the alleged "Roswell
Incident"? I did some checking. Only one of the politicians mentioned was
even close, born 11 months after the "UFO Crash." Some were born years
before, others years after.

But truthfully, if you plan on spamming someone, you better be prepared. I
don't accept it. I report it. If more people do, we can put these Chain
letter scams and spammers out of business for good.

And that's the way it is... AS I SEE IT.

(BTW, today's number is 50250. This would be the official start of my count-down)

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