It's all about TRUTH.

Location is determined by position
Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It makes no difference which way you think you're going.

Today's number is 51250.

It makes no difference what you do. The result is always the same. You can spend hours slaving away at a job, the result is the same: You wind up owing more than you make.

You can disconnect your phone: The bill collectors will be on your doorstep.

You can travel East as far as you want, but you'll end up right where you began.

If you drive too far, without stopping, you'll burn out your engine, blow a tire, or run out of gas.

It doesn't matter how you live your life. Be a noble gent, or a sophiscated lady. Be a thief or murderer. It doesn't matter. We all wind up in the same hole. 6 feet down, or in a box in a wall (If we're lucky) It's the true view of a Realist.

You've heard that every dark cloud cloud has a silver lining, right? The optimist sees the silver lining, and the pessimist sees the dark cloud? NOPE. The REALIST sees the cloud. The Pessimist sees himself stuck polishing the lining.
Such is my view in "A Pessimist's view on Life."

Give heed, ye people, to the frown on my face,
and hear me as I state my case.
The silver lining is TARNISHED in that dark cloud
and there are weeds growing in the field just plowed.
The crops all failed 'ere they started to grow;
the rivers are flooded by both rain and snow.
All of this under a threat of war, but don't stop now
'cuz there is still more.

From the beginning of our years,
we are told things to add to our fears.
"It's warming up! The Ozone is gone!"
"Our water's been poisoned from the stuff from our lawn."
"Our Air is now DEADLY," or so they say.
"Our rain is taking our plant life away."

"Give it to God!" cries the preacher.
"God is dead," says the teacher.
"Just look around, and what do you see?
Crime, disease, hunger, war, poverty!
Even our food can kill us now.
So why do we bother to take up the plow?"

We ask, "Is love real, or simply a ghost?
It's ne'er found by those who need it the most."
Finally, the greatist evil of all:
Death takes everyone, both great and small.
Yes, we're all touched by sorrow
by pain, and by strife.
So what good, oh what good,
is this miserable life?

Think about it. It's the world- As I see it.

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