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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh, some of the letters I get!

Ads are generally effective.  Notice my choice of words.  "GENERALLY EFFECTIVE."  That means that they must be of timely content, appealing in sight (IF they have pictures), and have intelligent content.
But the ad I got today -- and I don't mean that Threat that I received -- But an actual ad. Well, suffice it to say these idiots should go back to school.
They want teachers!  OK, but I think THEY need one.  Subject line?
That is an EXACT QUOTE.  I made no changes. None!  Not in the wording, but the Bold and Italics are my doing.
Their (Sic) in demand all right.  And where they are needed most is in these Email messages.  Excuse my rant, but an intelligent person should be able to tell the difference in meaning and usage among the words There, their, and they're.
Now, this isn't to say that people won't get mixed up.  If they're in a hurry,  there may be a mistake in their choice of words.  But an ad is supposed to be proofread.  It's supposed to be checked and double checked.
It's even more annoying when it happens in a respected newspaper.  Those errors are just as annoying as errors in closed captioning, but If the captions are not typed in advance I can excuse errors like that.  Not easily, but I can excuse them..  But when someone who makes a living with words messes up, that is a pet peeve! 
It's easy to forget to type a word or think we have typed it when we haven't.  But we can usually figure out what is meant.
We must learn to use our words properly.  Especially today, when a slip of the tongue or typographical error can mean the difference between a prison term or probation, or a huge loss financially -- yes, we really must take care. 
Punctuation is not my forte.  I leave that for the editors.
Excuse me while I split my infinitives.
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