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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Cap and Trade

Well, the "Stimulus" secret is out. It's a 6000 a year rise in your energy bills. No, it won't occur all at once, but it WILL occur if we don't stop the "CRAP AND TAX" act. How do we stop it? Write your Senators NOW. ESPECIALLY if they're up for Re-election. UNFORTUNATELY, my state has only one Senator, a DFLer who more than likely supports the tax increase. I have NOT verified that yet, but it seems to be a given.

8 Republicans, Including Mary Bono Mack of California, voted for this freaking tax rise. 44 democrats voted against. I don't know who they were, yet. I HOPE to find out, and thank them for trying.

So, how are we going to fight back? Petitions will help, for now. But your VOTE is going to make a big difference. But I want to say NOW, AND FOR THE RECORD: I WARNED YOU ABOUT taxes going up if the DFL grabbed power.

SOME DFLers exercised common sense, or at least were afraid of losing their position in Congress if they voted "YES".

I wrote a little poem I placed on Twitter. I repeat it here for your reading pleasure -- or as a little salt to rub in your wounds.

Once again, the Taxes Rise,
cuz you've been listening to DFL lies.
They say you get what you deserve--
WALK DA PLANK, you nasty scurves!

I wrote a piece awhile back. It was called "The Global Warming Hoax". You can check that out here. I think it was in January.

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