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Evidence will vary by location.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The JUDAS song...

nearly 2 years ago, I was betrayed at work -- and while I was being stabbed in the back, my heart was being ripped out of my chest. The most frustrating thing about it is that I didn't learn about it until 2 weeks back. Never again, say I.

At the time, I wrote what I called the JUDAS song. While it was addressed to the betrayer at my work, it's taken on a new life...

I have said I want their faces hanging on my wall. Now, now -- no, I don't anymore. Instead, I wouldn't waste the wall space. I'd rather have a singing fish!

"Judas -- I know it for a fact. Your fingerprints are on -- the knife that's in my back. Judas -- I HATE YOU! Sooner or later... It'll haunt you!

Judas -- you got no guts! So get the H*** away -- or I'll rip off your n**s! But I've learned, Judas-- you got no B**ls! So cower in the corner...or I'll smear you on the wall! Judas -- I HATE YOU! Sooner or later... It'll haunt you!"

This is somewhat edited for the sake of any kids that may attend this site, and "It'll haunt you," was NOT the original verbatim. But I am not 50 cent, nor some rapper who's calling himself a "Cop Killer". I'm not Vanilla Ice, and I'm not The Fresh Prince. So, I've toned it down for the sake of my audience.

It doesn't strike me as odd -- you two traitors are meant for each other. Maybe I can introduce you...No, that wouldn't be smart. I don't want a whole family of traitors!

"JUDAS -- I HATE YOU! Sooner or later -- It'll HAUNT YOU."

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