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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

If there is a day I like, it's Friday the 13th

You can't escape Friday the 13th. It shows up at least once a year, sometimes 2 or 3 times. This year, it showed up in February, and today is March 13th, also a Friday.

Considering the curse upon me, it's good to be Friday the 13th. It offers a bit of comic relief to the cursed.

I broke a looking in it. I walked under a ladder -- the person ON the ladder fell off. The black cat that crossed my path got run over by a passing propane truck. All comic relief. Yeah, that's right.

Just like the little man in Lil Abner, the black could is over my head. But on Friday the 13th, it affects everyone else! It's kind of a shield.

I should file my lawsuit today... it only makes sense to haunt the traitors in my life by doing so on Friday the 13th.

I figure that Judas II (Beatrice Arnold, aka who?) has cost me 10 grand. Maybe I have a chance to win it back. Judas I, on the other hand -- cost me about 18 Grand. However, Beatrice is going to get hit with a 60K suit, I think. 50K for emotional distress, 10 K for other expenses.

Friday the 13th, and I have a toothache. I really need the tooth pulled, but I cannot afford to have it done. Maybe I can write to the President, asking for some stimulus money. He can't any worse than say NO...

Friday the 13th. I wonder if there is another movie coming out? Jason looses his memory, and goes to work on a farm. In Friday the 13th, Jason comes a cropper...:)

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