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Friday, February 6, 2009

no, No, NO, NOOOO!

2009 is only 37 days old as I write this piece...and already there are enough problems to last me for a full year.

Early in January, one our cats died...killed by another cat. It's a pain, but death happens.
Later in January, we hit temps well below zero -- 34 below, 27 below, 13 below, 19 below...and we determine that it is time to GET THE *U*K of Minnesota, and my wife FINALLY agrees! We start packing, and cleaning up.

Obama takes office, but Minnesota is STILL without a senator.

On the 28th, one of our horses had to be put down. Not good, but she was wasting away. We had increased her grain, her Hay, taken her out to eat by herself...but it was to no avail as she went down and couldn't get back up again. The only choice, the humane choice, was to end her suffering.

On the 28th, my wife broke her fibula. No help! That destroys the money situation entirely! NO MORE MONEY from her until she's back to work!

Ok, we finally hit February. Obama's nominees are falling by the wayside like flies around a fly-killing mushroom. And thus starts a whole new set of problems.

My car is acting up. Leaking anti-freeze like crazy. The brakes start joining the anti-freeze, losing fluid by the bottle. And then the transmission (Which is already bad) starts stalling my car. No way to get to town, or home. And what happens? The car dies completely. DEAD MEAT. No way to get to work. This is NO HELP, as I need the money to keep up the mortgage payment! We decide we must sell items: China cabinet, bar, tractor, pool table, clarinet. and Horses. 4 of them, all on the market. No buyers. One offer on the tractor, a buyer for the cabinet, but no luck on the horses. No luck on anything else. A dead car, a bad transmission on the truck, mazda without a tranny -- can't find one!

Today, I get bit by one of my cats. The vet says call 911 to do something about the cat. Followed instructions, and what happens? They come out to me with allegations of Neglect, thanks to a FOOL VET who KNEW THE STORY AND CHOSE TO LIE ABOUT IT!

I HOPE to get the truck back tomorrow. But My job may be gone because I couldn't get to work. And my hope of moving to Florida may be completely dashed. What's next? No, I take that back -- I PRAY that we finally have some GOOD NEWS...maybe win the lottery, or something. But I can't take this CRAP much longer!

To place a curse on someone is a sign of a misanthrope. To remove one from me is my own desire. And my hatred of the people who have cursed me grows by the day.

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