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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The global warming HOAX?

"Global warming" is a new age buzz-word. Everyone is talking about it: how hot it's getting, the shrinking of the glaciers, the pending flood. The Polar bears are becoming cannibals, species going extinct because of global warming.

I live in MN, just 60 miles north of Minneapolis. We've had some mild winters since 1982, I'll grant you. We had a high in the 40s in January 1982. We've had (Generally) highs in the 20s (A couple of degrees above average) over the last few years. It's a huge mess...we have "Global warming" and we're going to be a desert in a few years, right?

This morning, I awaken to the coldest temps I've seen in 12 years. Colder, actually. The current temp is -27, with a windchill factor of -42. That's NO JOKE. That's -27 degrees BELOW ZERO FARENHEIT, with a windchill factor of -42. Exposed flesh will freeze in less than a minute. We've about 14 inches of snow on the ground, except where it drifted and it's more like 3 feet.

Last time I felt temps THIS cold was in the 1960s, about 1968 or so. This frigid arctic blast is spreading across the country and makes me ask:
"You talk about 'Global Warming', huh? Where IS it?"

Send those freaking idiots up here. No coats, buddy...bring your shorts! Bring your swimming trunks! Don't forget your boats and plenty of tanning lotion! Beaches are nice this time of year!

Global warming? BULL! Send Al Gore up to MN. Send these global warming doomsayers to MN. Let 'em run around half-naked, see how they like their "GLOBAL WARMING" at this time of year!

I'm freezing my tail feathers off, here, and the fools in equatorial Mexico, or in the sub-Sahara, are screaming about how HOT it is. HEY, buddies! Join us up here, and see how quickly you want to go back to your home area!

This "global warming" nonsense is just that, nonsense!

Sure, we need to take care of our world. But don't tell me about 'globabl warming' until you've experienced Minnesota at -27 degrees. THEN, you can tell me all you want -- if you can get your mouth of the metal cannon you stuck your tongue on.

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