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Friday, March 7, 2008


It is rapidly approaching the anniversasry of the day on which I was forced to quit my last job. A bunch of D*** liars, fools, idiots-- side poking morons, lying bastards, and pieces of junk!

I was told I couldn't have unemployment--F***ing judge has no damn brain! You can be officially abused, and they don't give a flying pig that the asses are lying.

I can hear you say "Why don't you let this go?"

It's MY hatred... I'll do with it as I please.

I'll grant you that it gnaws at me. But so do the lying, F***ing morons such as Mike, Ed, Tim, and kookoo.

One damn year...what do I have to so for it? nothing!

Hatred makes you what you are. I was grossly mistreated, but endured all untill they lied about me AGAIN. I took it for years...and the crap-headed morons do not care. I put in 10 years with those damned morons. 10 YEARS. What do I get? I'm out on my can.

Did you know that the company I worked for once bought a clearance table at a reduced wholesale price ($10.00), and offered that same table to the public, at a 40X mark up> They sold the damn table for $400.00. Talk about price gouing, it's a main reason you should never visit this particular florist. They've been in business a LONG time. They're damned rich. I WONDER why. I mean, a 40X mark up is akin only to big oil!

My expose' of that place isn't yet done. But suffice it to say it WILL be a doozy... I'll expose these M-Fers for what they really are....And let them fend for themselves in the garbage dump, where they tried to put me.

Just one last word about that: HEY, ASCHLOCKS! I'M with someone else. And YOU can't "deal" with me, anymore. So, SHOVE IT...and Take the heat that I'm throwing your way, soon.

Bastards... Mike, have the Family services stopped by yet? They ain't fit to be a parent.

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