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Evidence will vary by location.
Facts will change according to evidence.
But TRUTH is unchanging.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yankees ousted AGAIN!

My ex-boss is a huge Yankees Fan. Born and raised in the Empire State,
there is no one truer to the Yankees than he. So, this is for HIM.

Thumb on my nose, on my face a sneer.

A loud Guffaw, and a Bronx Cheer.

Another year right down the tube.

I told you in APRIL, ya old Rube!

The team spent a fortune for the Best,

But at the wire, they failed the test

A-Rod flew, but "The Rocket" crashed

And once again, your hopes are dashed.

You'll spend the winter in a funk

'cuz once again your hopes are sunk.

The "Dynasty" is dead, you know...

But you refuse to LET THEM GO.

In the spring, you'll hear the cheers

Of those disappointed these last years

But in that crowd will be MY voice:

"They'll lose again! There is no choice!"

Then again, will come the fall

The pain felt by you most of all.

The crowd will cry: the owner repents;

"Why can't I get someone who makes SENSE?"

Such is the fate of the Yankees' team

Such is the fate of the Yankees' dream.

You stumble, fumble, you fall down:

Accept it, Yanks: You've lost your crown!

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